USA Men Roster, Fixtures And Live Stream

The USA Men’s Volleyball team is governed by USA Volleyball. The USA men’s volleyball team won five Olympics medal including three gold medals.

They won only at five matches, of the nine times that USA have competed at the fivb volleyball world cup. USA won the fivb men’s volleyball world cup title in 1985. Watch Men’s Volleyball World Cup Live

Team USA Roster

1  Matt Anderson (Opp, 6-9, West Seneca, N.Y., Penn State)

2  Aaron Russell (OH, 6-9, Ellicott City, Md., Penn State)

4  Jeff Jendryk (MB, 6-10, Wheaton, Ill., Loyola of Chicago)

6  Mitch Stahl (MB, 6-8, Chambersburg, Pa., UCLA)

8  T.J. DeFalco (OH, 6-5, Huntington Beach, Calif., Long Beach State)

9  Michael Saeta (SS, 6-5, South Pasadena, Calif., UC Irvine)

10 James Shaw (Opp, 6-8, Woodside, Calif., Stanford)

11 C Micah Christenson (S, 6-6, Honolulu, Southern California)

12  Max Holt (MB, 6-10, Cincinnati, Ohio, Penn State)

13  Ben Patch (Opp, 6-8, Provo, Utah, BYU)

14  Micah Ma’a (S, 6-3, Kaneohe, Hawaii, UCLA)

16  Josh Tuaniga (S, 6-3, Long Beach, Calif., Long Beach State)

17  Thomas Jaeschke (OH, 6-6, Wheaton, Ill., Loyola)

18  Garrett Muagututia (OH, 6-5, Oceanside, Calif., UCLA)

20  David Smith (MB, 6-7, Saugus, Calif., UC Irvine)

22  Erik Shoji (L, 6-0, Honolulu, Hawaii, Stanford)

USA Team Record at the FIVB Men’s Volleyball World Cup

1977 — 10th place

1985 — Gold medal with cup.svg Gold medal

1989 — 4th place

1991 — Bronze medal with cup.svg Bronze medal

1995 — 4th place

1999 — 4th place

2003 — 4th place

Ball, Sullivan, Suxho, Priddy, Millar, Salmon, Billings, Hoff, Stanley, Gardner, Polster, Naeve. Head coach: Beal

2007 — 4th place

Ball, Rooney, Polster, Lee, Lambourne, Priddy, Millar, Salmon, Hoff, Stanley, Hansen, Gardner. Head coach: McCutcheon

2011 — 6th place

Anderson, Rooney, Patak, Lee, Lotman, Priddy, Salmon, Holmes, Hansen, Thornton, Holt. Head coach: Knipe

2015 — Gold medal with cup.svg Gold medal

Anderson, Russell, Sander, Lee (C), Lotman, K. Shoji, Troy, Christenson, Holmes, Jablonsky, Holt, Smith, Watten, E. Shoji. Head Coach: Speraw.

2019 — TBD